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    About the Rise and Rule mod

    The Rise and Rule mod (RAR) is based on our experiences with the Double Your Pleasure mod for Civilization III and the expansion pack Play The World.

    Rise and Rule is only released for the latest (and last) Civ3 expansion pack Conquests. The simple design philosophy behind the mod is that variety is the spice of life and an essential part of strategy. If there's only one path to success, there really isn't much strategy involved.

    We've tried to beef up the selection of improvements, wonders, units etc., hoping to give you more to choose between. Don't think you'll be able to build everything everywhere. We have tried hard to make that option the certain road to failure. A wise ruler will weigh cost vs. benefit in every single decision made.

    The nitty-gritty cold facts

    200 techs
    13 governments
    100 Improvements
    67 Great Wonders
    36 Small Wonders
    14 Specialist Citizen types
    52 Resources
    340 Units (including flavor units)
    lots of changes and improvements over the Double Your Pleasure mod.

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 Rise and Rule
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